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5 Steps for a Perfect Baseball Swing

5 Steps for a Perfect Baseball Swing By: Sean Plouffe     (Barry Bonds, Hank Aaron, Ted Williams, Babe Ruth)   This is what a perfect baseball swing looks like, demonstrated by the 4 best hitters to ever do it.   I will take you through the five main components of their swing.  The mechanics listed below are the key to maximizing your abilities as a hitter.   A perfect baseball swing has common elements that all great hitter encorporate into their swing. Barrel Turn     The image above illustrates centripetal force.     Williams tips his barrel forward, this is a cocking action to turn the barrel. Watch his barrel go from the tipped position to level with the incoming pitch.   ...

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Players’ View: Does Coaching Age Matter in Player Development?

Players’ View: Does Coaching Age Matter in Player Development? by David Laurila - October 5, 2017 Back in mid-August, I attended a Midwest League game featuring a team with a notably young staff. The manager and pitching coach were both just 27 years old; the hitting coach was only three years their senior. A few weeks earlier, meanwhile, I’d spoken to a short-season coach who’s been tutoring pitchers longer than any of those three has been alive. He’s old enough to draw Social Security and still on the job. That got me thinking about the age dynamic. How are players at the lower levels of the minors impacted by managers and coaches from different age groups? Do 18- to 22-year-old athletes respond...

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The Physics of the Home Run Boom

The Physics of the Home Run Boom by David Kagan April 6, 2018   Increased exit velocity could partially explain the home run boom, and no one had a higher exit velo in 2017 than Aaron Judge. (via Keith Allison) Whoa! Don’t think for even one short nanosecond this article will definitively explain the cause of the current increase in home runs in MLB. Instead, think of it as more of a summary of our current understanding from the point of view of the underlying physics. From a scientific point of view, there are only two interactions that result in a home run. The first is the ball-bat collision, and the second is the flight of the ball. The ball-bat collision depends upon the properties...

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