Wall Transfers

Check out some easy two ball transfers for middle infielders to do outside practice. Start slow and work the speed up. Try it at different distances and keep testing yourself. Let us know what you guys think?

TAP Connection Ball Pitching Drill Video

Our product director Anthony takes us through all the connection applications for pitching and throwing patterns. The Connection ball is about 12 inches but very giving and perfect for connection drills and spacing for throwing, plyo ball work, or med balls even. Coaches can utilize this as you wish to help your players create the feel of space or connection you are trying to describe. Really versatile tool that is also super beneficial for hitting. Stay tuned for hitting drills soon!

Tune Up Fitness Coregeous Ball Drill Video

Anthony Vlahovic takes us through some great ways to incorporate the Coregeous Ball into your stretching and roll out training. Anthony had injured his hip in college and this proved an extremely versatile recovery tool during his rehab. The plastic Coregeous ball is made with a thick plastic to help rub out soreness in muscles and relieve pain at the source. Check out Anthony’s ideas on how to incorporate this with your team. Let us know what you think.

Tune Up Fitness Therapy Balls

Our Product Director Anthony Vlahovic takes us through the best ways to utilize the Tune Up Fitness therapy balls. The therapy balls can be incorporated for all sorts of therapy and recovery for position players and pitchers. Check out this video for ideas on how to incorporate recovery exercises for arm care or tightness. Let us know what you guys think below.

Black Mountain Products – Mini Agility Bands Warmup