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Our podcast gives listeners an inside look at what the biggest and best coaches, trainers, and consultants are doing with their teams and players to take their programs to the next level. Each episode takes you through a baseball journey, and leaves you with a better appreciation for and understanding of the mental side fo the game.

Hope you enjoy!

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Dave Wodzisz

Founder & Host

Dave has had a lifelong love for the game of baseball. He is a a former collegiate ball player for Moravian College and has been a Captain on every team he has ever played on. He now coaches youth and high school baseball clinics, and is also the Baseball Analytics Coach for the Lehigh Valley Pates.


Quinn Adams

Dugout Therapy Producer & Co-Host

Quinn has had a passion for the game since he could remember. From playing in high school to numerous travel teams, Quinn has had enough experience in baseball to emphathize with today’s player and provide his insight. His audio production and baseball knowledge is best utilized on Dugout Therapy.

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