Ron Washington has had the opportunity to coach and train with a lot of great players, and now with the Braves a lot of talented young players. The concept he is discussing here is a team concept, a work ethic concept, a general concept of success. How do you do your job every single day,  the right way? Whether it be on the field or off the field, in order to be great, 100% effort and focus is required day in and day out. Everyday is an opportunity to prove to yourself that you CAN do it the right way. Nothing great ever comes easy, and this applies not only to baseball, but to life.

He describes himself as a “mechanic on duty”. I think this paints a perfect picture of what a coach needs to be sometimes. As a coach you can’t teach a player to WANT to do a drill the right way everyday, nor can you teach them how to make unbelievable plays. However you can teach them how to make the routine plays. To execute a high percentage of those routine plays is determined by how well you do the little things,  everyday. If you treat everyday like its your last opportunity to do everything you can possibly do to get better, you will most likely focus on doing  the little things, the right way, everyday. Only then do you  have a chance to be great! When you become too comfortable with your performance, it becomes way easier to forget to do these little things everyday. That’s when its important for Coaches to push their players to never be satisfied.


What do you guys think? Will you make the most out of every opportunity?