About Us

About Us

Coach Crates was built by a collegiate baseball player and entrepreneur to introduce modern knowledge and data driven decision making through books, podcasts, articles, unique coaching tools, game supplies, and equipment to coaches of all levels. The concept was to bridge the sports knowledge gap between youth baseball coaches and professional coaches. We want to help every coach become a great coach and leader, by leaving a truly positive impact on the lives of their players. 

So we built a baseball coaching subscription box to empower and inspire baseball coaches with knowledge, tools, and gear to form successful coaching habits. We've designed it so that whether you are coaching Little League or High School baseball you will immediately benefit from the unique tools, books, and game supplies you receive. We include tools you will utilize with your players, supplies that you need for games, and books on the modern game discussing data driven decision making.

Youth Baseball

At the youth level you need to teach the basic fundamentals of the game to your players. Most of your box will include unique coaching tools designed to help you teach these basic skills throughout your subscription. To help break down these fundamentals with your players, you will receive access to books, dvd's, and podcasts to broaden your knowledge of the game. The rest of your crate will be filled with game supplies and gear thrown in quarterly to keep you stocked up throughout the season.

High School

At the High School level you should continue to teach more specific skills on the diamond by position. The coaching tools you receive will progressively become more skill specific throughout your subscription. This allows your players to get the most out of their training. In addition, you will receive access to books, dvd's, and podcasts to broaden your knowledge of the game and reflect that upon your players. Every few months game supplies, equipment, and gear will be thrown into your crate to keep you stocked up for the season.

Are you ready?

Our promise is to build a better coach Crate by Crate. This is done by expanding the working baseball knowledge of coaches using great tools, supplies, and resources delivered right to their door every month. Our goal in our first year is to donate 2% of all sales to Turn Two for Youth, a non-profit organization seeking to deliver new and used baseball equipment to underprivileged children in poverty-stricken areas. Help us make a difference in the lives of all who wish to play this great game!