A absolutely great episode with youth baseball coach, Justin Sherman. This was recorded as everything with COVID-19 was just unfolding in the US. Justin Sherman, youth baseball coach, is from the New Rochelle area, which was greatly impacted early on with the outbreak. Justin has put his coaching on hold during this time so our country can practice social distancing and stay healthy. Instead he will be partaking in virtual lessons with his youth baseball athletes. This allowed him to chunk out some time with us to chat.

Justin provided a great lens to the current state of youth baseball and how coaches can navigate working with parents. As a coach there are always challenges navigating at the youth level of how to engage parents. Some like to be super involved and others not so much. On the flip side we discuss how parents can also step in and be great parent coaches at the little league level. He often does guest speaking at little leagues to help parent coaches teach their kids to have fun while also building structure and work ethic. Absolutely great listen with plenty of tid-bits for all coaches. Get your notepads out!


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